In January of 2010 my day job relocated to new premises in a new city. I'd previously worked right in the middle of a bustling town. Now, my new office was located on the urban periphery of that new city. To alleviate the lunchtime boredom I would go for a walk, just to get out of the stuffy office. As luck would have it I'd acquired an iPhone only the month before and armed with this I'd take photos while I was on my 30 minute lunch break. Rather than let these languish on my phone, or on my pc hard drive, I decided to post them to the web. I'd also just found the Tumblr publishing platform and this gave me a great excuse to try it out. Tumblr is perfect for posting images to an archive or for posting short entry's to a blog. And so Lunchtime Lens was born. I post three images from my walk every working day and also an LtL supplementary of images from other daily walks for those times when I'm not at work.

Lunchtime Lens Volume one is now available. It's a 40 page soft cover book showcasing some of the best images from LtL (preview here) and costs £16.95 (that's about $27 or €22) plus P&P. Click here to buy. Thanks.

And for those interested, I can also be found here, my personal blog and my other tumblr photo blog at Pickt

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    — 3 years ago

    Hello everyone. I’m announcing that, from today, I will be taking a break from Lunchtime Lens for a while. This is a fun project and I will be picking it up again in the future but right now LtL is on hiatus. You know what it’s like, busy, busy, busy. So thank you all for your support and followings these last 18 months. I’ll still be keeping track of my followers so just because nothing is going on here for a while, don’t think that I haven’t got my eye on you all.

    See you all again soon…


    — 3 years ago